Welcome to Our Soccer Training Page

At Sefa, our esteemed soccer academy, we’re dedicated to nurturing the soccer talents of both boys and girls. We understand that each child’s journey in soccer is unique, which is why we have carefully compiled a range of soccer drills that can be practiced at home. These drills, offered as additional training, are designed for children of all skill levels and are categorized into basics, intermediate, and advanced levels. We encourage starting with the basics and gradually advancing as skills and confidence grow, complementing regular soccer trainings at the academy or club.

Guiding Your Child’s Soccer Journey

Our training resources are crafted to engage and challenge young players, ensuring a fun and productive experience. To maximize the benefits of these drills and maintain a positive learning environment, we advise the following:

  1. Encourage, Don’t Force: Always remember that participation in these drills should be voluntary. Forcing your child, be it a boy or a girl, to engage in these activities can be counterproductive. The aim is to nurture their natural love for the game.
  2. Time Considerations for Younger Kids: For younger enthusiasts, particularly those aged 5-7, we recommend a daily practice time of no more than 10 minutes, unless they wish to continue. This keeps the sessions enjoyable and effective.
  3. Flexible and Fun Training: Many of our drills are designed to be simple enough for children to practice while engaged in other activities, such as watching their favorite cartoons or movies. This approach helps integrate soccer practice seamlessly into their daily routine.
  4. The Power of Consistency: Consistent practice, even in small doses, is key to developing soccer skills. Encourage regular practice while also understanding the importance of rest and listening to their bodies.
Your Partner in Development

As a soccer academy committed to the growth of young talents, we offer more than just training; we offer a journey of skill enhancement and character building. Our goal is to see every child, boy or girl, excel and develop a deep, lasting love for soccer.

Join us in this exciting adventure and witness the transformation that comes with dedicated and enjoyable soccer training.