Soccer Programs and Registrations

Welcome to Sefa Burnaby Soccer Academy’s diverse array of soccer programs, where flexibility meets excellence! Our programs, designed for various age groups, offer a personalized soccer experience. From team engagement and individual training to goalkeeper training, skill development, and physical conditioning, we cater to every child’s needs.

What sets us apart is our program flexibility. Parents can choose between training-focused, game-centric, or balanced programs that align with their child’s interests and schedules.

Conveniently located in Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam, our age-specific programs ensure focused attention and guidance for each child. Joining our academy means more than playing soccer; it’s about evolving with the sport in a supportive and challenging environment.

Ready to kickstart your child’s soccer journey? Registrations for our kids’ soccer programs are now open! Enroll today for a dynamic, enriching soccer experience at Sefa Soccer Academy, where we don’t just play the game; we thrive in it.

Sefa Academy Goalkeeper Training ProgramSefa Academy Goalkeeper training
Program dates: Sept 16 — Dec 15
Training days/time: Fridays, 8 pm
Training sessions: 12
Training locations: Cariboo Hill Turf Soccer Field
Program fee: 400$
Payments: e-transfer to

U6-U8: Soccer fundamentals for kids

   Kids at this age are very active. They enjoy having fun through physical activities and are happy to learn something new. At Sefa Burnaby Soccer academy, we use their natural willingness to compete to teach soccer basics. This program is designed to help beginners to enjoy their first steps in soccer and to encourage them to fall in love with playing this beautiful game. Our coaches are using different methodologies to motivate kids and meanwhile teaching them the soccer basics. Kids are developing basic skills and staying very active through fun games and drills.

  • Teaching soccer fundamentals through fun games
  • To develop basic motor skills related to soccer
  • Introducing team environment

U9-U11: Basic soccer techniques

   Specifically designed for boys and girls aged 9 to 11 with an interest in soccer, our training program is aimed at cultivating technical prowess in players. This program emphasizes advanced soccer skills training to instill confidence in handling the ball. The ability to make strategic decisions on the football field is a core aspect of our training, deeply rooted in enhancing the soccer techniques of these young players.

   Furthermore, we inspire creativity in our young players, both boys and girls, by refining their skills in ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting. An integral part of our soccer training program is the incorporation of opposed drills. These soccer drills involve opposition, enabling players to assess in-game situations, make informed decisions, and execute skills effectively for desired results.

  • Two sessions per week

  • ASL games on Sundays
  • Training locations: Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam


U12-U13: Soccer Awareness

   Boys and girls at this age typically possess basic soccer skills. Our training program is thus tailored to introduce more intricate aspects of the game such as game awareness, field positioning, decision-making in high-pressure situations, and team communication. The transition to larger fields and more players necessitates a superior understanding of positioning and role responsibilities.

   At this stage, fostering a competitive environment becomes a crucial component of soccer training. At Sefa Burnaby Soccer Club, our coaches motivate young players to be courageous and apply the strategies and techniques they’ve learned during training to real game situations.

  • Two sessions per week

  • ASL games on Sundays

U14-U15: Complete youth soccer

   The final phase of preparation for our competitive youth players aims to maximize player performance in all aspects of the game. A player’s capacities are becoming fully established while training to peak for major competitions. Training is characterized by high intensity and relatively high volume with frequent periods of rest. Introducing phases of the game, different tactics, better understanding of combinational play – these are all significant parts of training at this stage. Physical preparation is no less important than the elements above. Youth players experience growth spurts between 13 and 15 years old and this multiplies the effectiveness of power, strength, speed, explosiveness, and stamina training.

  • Two sessions per week
  • ASL games on Saturday evenings or Sundays