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SEFA : Stars European Football Academy

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Here at Sefa Burnaby Soccer Academy we teach children aged 5 to 15 years the skill of playing soccer.

  SEFA Burnaby Soccer Academy was founded in 2013 in Burnaby, British Columbia.  Since its inception, the goal of SEFA Soccer has been to assist in the development of a child’s individual and team spirit.  These players are taught to understand the game and apply the right independent decisions on the soccer field.
   We provide dedicated training to children and youths between the ages 5 to 15.
   At SEFA, there are several main areas of studies, which consists of technical, tactical, physical  and psychological training.

  Training takes place on both artificial turf fields and grass fields throughout the year. The fields are centrally located in Burnaby allowing easy and quick access from Vancouver, New Westminster and Coquitlam.

   The technical preparation of each player is the most important aspect in the developmental program at SEFA Soccer. A soccer player is continuously under pressure to perform successfully. We provide the skills required to achieve that success through our technical training programs. A combination of different movements and actions that do not repeat each other in structure are key to developing these high level skills. This ability to change the combination of movements in random succession leads to successful player development. The ability to receive, handle, pass, feint and dribble the ball and striking techniques are the most important elements of modern football and also the most sought after players are those who display these high level techniques. Coaches at SEFA Soccer pay special attention to working on developing and refining these skills.

   Soccer tactics consist of knowledge, skills and the ability to understand the situation. Tactical preparation of each player is a very important component of the game especially for players aged 13 years and older. The ability to recognize different patterns, to adapt to different game formations, to choose the correct position on the field, the ability to “read the game” and distinguish between attack and defensive tactics are all extremely important elements of modern soccer.
   A proven training process at SEFA Soccer includes mandatory viewing of post game video. We carefully analyze both our failures and successes. This is also  supplemented by videos of world class players and teams to show similar situations and how to properly execute these plays. The result is instant feedback and understanding.

   In football, there are two aspects of training. General and physical training. General training provides the comprehensive development of the Players body’s physical abilities. Physical training provides the development of the functional capabilities which are specific to each football player.
   Our approach to physical training at SEFA Soccer is based on a combination of player age and physical development. For younger aged players, we focus more towards the development of coordination, agility and running techniques. At the older ages (13 years and up), the emphasis shifts toward the development of speed endurance, strength endurance and explosive and high speed maneuverability and movements. The purpose of this physical training program is to be able to perform these techniques at a consistently high level.

   The success of a player can be amplified by knowledge of the basics of psychology. In the interactions between the coach and the player, questions arise requiring proper feedback. Proper planning is required to be able to deliver the correct answer. The strategy of preparing athletes of individual sport is very different from that of training athletes of a soccer team. In the former, it is a single individual, in the latter, it is a single individual in a group of many. Generally, soccer for children under 12 years old are interested primarily in the training process and the quality of soccer in itself is of no interest. Conversely, children over 12, are more critical and are more prone to analysis, thereby, more interested the fine tuning of their skill set. That is why we at SEFA Soccer consider psychological preparation as challenging and requiring an individual approach tailored to each player.

SEFA training can be:

SEFA Soccer provides all levels of training starting from basic to advanced skill levels for players aged 5 to 15.
SEFA Soccer can provide supplementary training to players that are registered with other primary clubs elsewhere.

SEFA Burnaby Soccer Academy offers

Year round training and games in Burnaby

Our teams play regular games in the ASL (Academy Super League).

  • youth soccer academy Burnaby
  • soccer field Burnaby
  • Gives the Players the opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in the game of soccer.
  • Empower players positively to enjoy and build on their soccer experiences.
  • Provides a safe and fair playing environment for all players in each team.
  • Recording of games that are played and followed by a thorough analysis of the game.
  • Many of our SEFA Soccer Players are showcased and selected into the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Program.
  • SEFA Soccer teams play in weekly games against other competitive teams in the ASL Academy League (Academy Super League).
  • We provide year round kids and youth soccer training and games on artificial turf fields and grass.
  • All soccer trainings and games are held within Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and Coquitlam.
soccer academy Burnaby

Our goals

  • To educate kids on how to play soccer
  • To teach kids technical skills and how to be creative
  • To provide a safe and fun soccer environment
  • To fully develop children’s soccer potential
  • To help youth players to achieve their future soccer goals and dreams
soccer academy Burnaby


  • The biggest soccer academy in Burnaby
  • Most players have been selected by BCSPL clubs
  • Winners of many international tournaments
  • Well recognized in the soccer community
  • The highest soccer academy rate of graduates in Whitecaps FC Academy program
soccer academy Burnaby


  • The individual’s development is the key
  • Preparing young players for BCSPL clubs
  • Developing players for Whitecaps FC Academy
  • To develop passion and love of the game
  • Providing the opportunity for all players to play soccer regardless of family income
soccer academy Burnaby


  • Convenient locations within Burnaby
  • Training at an affordable monthly rate
  • Individual approach to each player
  • Kids can play for both club and SEFA
  • Travel and compete in international tournaments in the US and Europe