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Sefa Burnaby Soccer Academy

SEFA Burnaby Soccer Academy: Premier Destination for Kids Soccer in Burnaby

SEFA Burnaby Soccer Academy, located in Burnaby, British Columbia, has been a leading provider of kids soccer programs since its founding in 2013. Our mission is to foster the growth of individual and team spirit in children, teaching them to understand the game and make the right independent decisions on the soccer field. As a trusted soccer training and games provider for kids and youths in Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and Coquitlam, we offer dedicated soccer training for children aged 5 to 15.

Our comprehensive kids soccer programs are designed to help young athletes develop their skills and passion for the game. At SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club, we focus on several main areas of study, including technical, tactical, physical, and psychological training. This well-rounded approach ensures that young players enrolled in our kids soccer programs gain a thorough understanding of the game and grow both on and off the field.

Our soccer club in Burnaby offers soccer training for kids on both artificial turf fields and grass fields year-round. The fields are centrally located in Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam providing easy access from Metro Vancouver area. In addition to training, we also offer kids soccer games every weekend

Families in search of top-notch soccer programs and facilities in the Burnaby area will find that SEFA’s offerings cater to all their soccer needs. As a leading kids soccer club in Burnaby, we take pride in cultivating the passion, skills, and sportsmanship that will propel young athletes to new heights in their soccer journeys.

Discover the SEFA difference and give your child the opportunity to thrive in our exceptional kids soccer programs in Burnaby, where we are committed to nurturing the next generation of soccer stars.

SEFA training can be:

SEFA Soccer provides all levels of training starting from basic to advanced skill levels for players aged 5 to 15.
SEFA Soccer can provide supplementary training to players that are registered with other primary clubs elsewhere.

SEFA Burnaby Youth Soccer Club offers

Year round training and games in Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam

Our teams play regular games in the ASL (Academy Super League).

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  • Gives the Players the opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in the game of soccer.
  • Empower players positively to enjoy and build on their soccer experiences.
  • Provides a safe and fair playing environment for all players in each team.
  • Recording of games that are played and followed by a thorough analysis of the game.
  • Many of our SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club Players are showcased and selected into the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Program.

  • SEFA Soccer Club teams play in weekly games against other competitive teams in the ASL (Academy Super League).

  • We provide year round kids and youth soccer training and games on artificial turf fields and grass.
  • All soccer trainings and games are held within Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and Coquitlam.
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Our goals

  • To educate kids on how to play soccer
  • To teach kids technical skills and how to be creative
  • To provide a safe and fun soccer environment
  • To fully develop children’s soccer potential
  • To help youth players to achieve their future soccer goals and dreams
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  • The biggest soccer academy in Burnaby
  • Most players have been selected by BCSPL clubs

  • Winners of many international tournaments
  • Well recognized in the soccer community
  • The highest soccer academy rate of graduates in Whitecaps FC Academy program
soccer academy Burnaby


  • The individual’s development is the key
  • Preparing young players for BCSPL clubs

  • Developing players for Whitecaps FC Academy
  • To develop passion and love of the game
  • Providing the opportunity for all players to play soccer regardless of family income
soccer academy Burnaby


  • Convenient locations within Burnaby
  • Training at an affordable monthly rate
  • Individual approach to each player
  • Kids can play for both club and SEFA
  • Travel and compete in international tournaments in the US and Europe