SEFA soccer

   My soccer journey in Canada began by training children at the park located next to my house. Any child could join and just play ball. Gradually the number of children increased and in 2014, I formed our first team, which consisted of children of different ages. We began to play friendlies against other academies and clubs. In the first year, we lost all our games. But I continued to believe in what I did, and more importantly, the children. A year later, we became competitive and were worthy opponents to all the teams that had previously beaten us.

   In 2016, with about thirty children, we had three teams of different ages. In 2017, we joined the Academy Super League and began to play regular league games. In that same year, we began to participate in international tournaments in USA and Canada. Some of the large tournaments we have played in include Surf Cup, Crossfire, Las Vegas, Mayors Cup, PacNorthWest and West Coast Classics. In 2019, one of our teams was a finalist in the Crossfire tournament and in 2020, we won gold medals with two teams of different ages at the PacNorthWEst tournament.

   Today, from our humble start with a few players at a park, we now have more than 200 players. This year, ten players from out SEFA TT 2008/09 team was selected to the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Program. I am proud of this very big achievement and continue to believe in giving the children who dream of playing and becoming professional football players the support4 and opportunity to help bring their dreams to reality.