Cariboo Hill Oval Track & Turf Soccer Field

Cariboo Hill Turf Soccer Field is located in the back of L’Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary School at 8580 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC. This location provides an artificial turf soccer field and a rubber track with field lights. A water station is available for convenient water breaks and water bottle fill ups. Also close to the soccer field are men and women restrooms. This location provides free parking with lots of spots.

address: Burnaby, BC V3N 2H6 google maps:

Cariboo Hill Secondary turf soccer field

Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West

BLSC West is located at 3677 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC. This location consists of 5 artificial turf soccer fields with lights and 2 warmup fields. BLSC has 6 change rooms with separate restrooms attached to the clubhouse. There are numerous water stations around the soccer fields for convenient accessibility. Parking is complementary to all guests. Also this location has a concession, so you can go grab a coffee or a sandwich while you wait for your child!

address: 3677 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 4Z6 google maps:

Burnaby soccer fields

Byrne Creek Community School Turf Field

7 Byrne Creek Community School is located at 777 18th St, Burnaby, BC. This location has an artificial turf field that is surrounded by a running track and field lights. This facility provides mens and women restrooms and complimentary parking along with street parking.

address: 7777 18th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 5E5 google maps:

Turf soccer field Burnaby

Cameron Elementary

   Cameron Elementary School is located at 9540 Erickson Dr, Burnaby, BC.  This location will be used as another facility for indoor soccer training. Restrooms and water stations are accessible for the children. Complementary parking and street parking are available.

address: 9540 Erickson Dr, Burnaby, BC V3J 1M9 google maps:

Cameron road elementary

Armstrong elementary

   Armstrong Elementary School is located at 8757 Armstrong Ave, Burnaby, BC. This location will be one of our facilities for indoor soccer training. Here the kids will get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of playing soccer indoors. Restrooms and water fountain stations are accessible.  Complimentary parking lot and street parking are available.

address: 8757 Armstrong Ave, Burnaby, BC V3N 2H8 google maps:

armstrong elementary soccer school