Age Group: Suitable for kids and youths
Practice Area: Requires space for a ‘T’ shaped cone setup
Ball Size: 3 or 4

The T-Cone Weave drill aims to improve dribbling skills, agility, and the ability to maneuver around obstacles while maintaining control of the ball. This drill is excellent for enhancing footwork and spatial awareness.


  1. Setup: Place cones approximately 5 yards apart in a ‘T’ pattern. The base of the ‘T’ serves as the starting point.
  2. Starting Position: Begin at the base of the ‘T’ with the ball at your feet.
  3. Execution:
  • Dribble to the top center cone and navigate around it to the left.
  • Move to the bottom of the left cone and circle around the top.
  • Sprint across the top of the ‘T’ while dribbling.
  • Circle around the far right cone.
  • Move above the top middle cone.
  • Finally, sprint while dribbling back to the bottom starting cone.
  1. Repeat: Go through this sequence to complete one loop of the T-Cone drill. Aim for 10 iterations, focusing on sprinting between cones and controlled footwork around them.

Repetitions and Sets:
Complete 10 loops of the drill in total, with a focus on improving speed and agility with each iteration.

Equipment Needed:

  • A soccer ball (size 3 or 4).
  • Cones or markers to set up the ‘T’ pattern.

Safety Tips:

  • Ensure the practice area is clear of obstacles.
  • Wear appropriate sports shoes for safety and effective performance.

Progress Tracking:
Monitor the player’s ability to maneuver around the cones with speed and precision. The dribbling should become smoother and quicker over time.

Encourage players to increase their dribbling speed as they become more comfortable with the drill, while still maintaining close control of the ball.

Fun Tip:
Incorporate a timing element to add competition. See how quickly the drill can be completed, and try to beat previous times.