Age Group: Suitable for Young Children
Practice Area: 3-4 meters
Ball Size: 3 or 4

The Butterfly drill is designed to improve ball handling skills, focusing on tapping, pulling back, and pushing the soccer ball with precision. This exercise enhances coordination, footwork, and the ability to control the ball with different parts of the foot.


  1. Setup: Define a 3-4 meter area for the drill.
  2. Starting Position: Stand with the ball in front of you.
  3. Execution: Begin with one foot (e.g., right foot). Tap the ball lightly and then pull it back towards you. Next, with the same foot (right foot), push the ball with the inside part of your foot towards the front of your other foot (left foot).
  4. Switch Feet: Repeat the same sequence with the other foot (left foot). Tap and pull the ball back, then push it forward with the inside of your foot to the front of the first foot (right foot).
  5. Continuous Motion: Alternate between feet in a fluid, continuous motion, resembling the wings of a butterfly – hence the name of the drill.

Repetitions and Sets:
Perform this sequence for 25 repetitions, alternating feet each time. Complete 5 sets with short breaks in between.

Equipment Needed:

  • A soccer ball (size 3 or 4).
  • A flat, open area suitable for the exercise.

Safety Tips:

  • Make sure the area is clear of obstacles and hazards.
  • Sports shoes are recommended for stability and safety.

Progress Tracking:
Observe how smoothly the child transitions between tapping, pulling back, and pushing the ball. The control over the ball and the fluidity of movement should improve with practice.

Encourage the player to increase the speed of the sequence while maintaining control and precision of the ball movements.

Fun Tip:
Add an element of fun by setting a timer and seeing how many successful ‘butterfly wings’ the child can complete in a set time.