Age Group: Suitable for Young Children
Ball Size: 3 or 4
This drill focuses on improving dribbling skills, encouraging children to use the top side of their foot for better control. It teaches them to keep the ball close while moving in a natural running motion.
  1. Setup: Mark a 6-7 meter distance as your dribbling area.
  2. Starting Position: Stand at one end of the marked area with the ball at your feet.
  3. Execution: Begin dribbling to the other end using only the right foot. Use the top side of your foot for touches, avoiding the use of toes or the inside of the foot.
  4. Turning: At the end, turn and dribble back using the left foot. The turn should be smooth, keeping the ball close to your feet.
  5. Focus: Maintain a natural running posture and rhythm. The ball should stay close to your feet for better control.
Repetitions and Sets:
Complete 20 repetitions of back-and-forth dribbling. Do this for 3 sets, taking short breaks between each set.
Equipment Needed:

  • A size 3 or 4 soccer ball.
  • A flat, open space, either indoors or outdoors, with enough room to dribble 6-7 meters.
Safety Tips:
Make sure the dribbling area is free of hazards.
Encourage wearing sports shoes for stability and safety.
Progress Tracking:
Parents can observe and note the child’s ability to keep the ball close while maintaining a natural running motion. The control and fluency of the dribble should improve with practice.
As the child gets better at dribbling, encourage them to increase their speed while maintaining control. The goal is to keep the ball close even when moving faster.