The 2023 Crossfire Challenge was a testament to the commitment, resilience, and teamwork of the SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club. Each of our teams, from SEFA U14 to U10, played their hearts out on the field, demonstrating the spirit of true athletes.

SEFA U14 and SEFA U12 Clinch Championship Titles

   Undoubtedly, the highlights of the weekend were our SEFA U14 team defeating Seattle United and the SEFA U12 team emerging victorious over SoCal Elite FC, leading to championship wins in their respective groups. Both teams exemplified exceptional skills, solid teamwork, and an unyielding spirit that personify SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club.

Determined SEFA U13 Team Earns Finalist Spot

   Our SEFA U13 team showcased a significant show of prowess and determination, culminating in a well-deserved finalist position. Their journey to the finals was nothing short of inspiring and underscores their potential for even greater successes in the future. 

SEFA U11 Reaches the Semi-Finals

   Our SEFA U11 team also displayed a commendable performance, making it to the semi-finals of the tournament. The young squad demonstrated that with talent, dedication, and heart, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

SEFA U10 Gains Invaluable Experience

   The SEFA U10 team, our youngest warriors, faced some formidable opponents but never backed down. Their spirited performance provided invaluable experience that will fuel their soccer development journey.

SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club’s Pride and Resolve

   We are immensely proud of all our teams — SEFA U14, U13, U12, U11, and U10. Their accomplishments, sportsmanship, and dedication to the game embody the core values of the SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club.

   As we reflect on the thrilling weekend at the 2023 Crossfire Challenge, we are filled with a renewed sense of determination. These experiences will propel us to return next year even stronger and better, ready to tackle new challenges.

   A heartfelt thank you goes out to our dedicated coaches, supportive parents, and passionate young soccer players who together make SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club. Your commitment and belief fuel our passion for the beautiful game of soccer. Here’s to even greater achievements in our journey ahead.

   Remember, at SEFA Burnaby Soccer Club, we keep playing, keep dreaming, and keep achieving!