Sefa Soccer Academy Kicks Off the Spring Season in the Academy Super League

Sefa Soccer Academy, a beacon of youth soccer in the tri-city area of Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam, is once again bustling with activity as the Spring season of the Academy Super League (ASL) commences. Catering primarily to local residents but welcoming families from all over, the academy stands out not just for its competitive edge but also for its commitment to holistic player development.

Season Kickoff

As trees begin to bloom, so does the potential of hundreds of young athletes at Sefa Soccer Academy. The season has kicked off with various age groups demonstrating their skills across several venues known for nurturing young talent. The youngest of the academy, participating in Jamborees, are showcasing their budding skills at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. Meanwhile, our U9 to U10 teams are adapting to the 7v7 format, with games strategically placed at Byrne Creek Community School and the scenic Empire Fields in Vancouver. This format provides a perfect pitch size for intense, skill-focused matches.

Our U9 team, composed of eager youngsters, is making significant strides in their first competitive league experience. Despite their tender age and facing opponents who often have a slight edge in experience, these young players are laying down a solid foundation for a promising soccer career. Not to be outshone, the Sefa Ginga 015, our U10 squad, is turning heads with their promising skills and teamwork.

The competition heats up as we look at our U11 to U12 teams playing in an 8v8 format at locations like Burnaby Central Secondary School and the iconic Empire Fields. The U13 team is not far behind, mastering the 9v9 format mainly at Cariboo Hill Secondary School’s turf field. Notably, our U14 to U16 teams have been a force to reckon with, maintaining unbeaten streaks at challenging venues such as Mercer Stadium in New Westminster and Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam.

At the core of these successes are the academy’s finely tuned soccer training programs, which are meticulously designed for maximum effectiveness. Our approach to training is structured and targeted, focusing on developing key skills that translate directly into match-winning performances. These programs, enriched by experienced coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, ensure that every player achieves their personal and team goals.

Sefa Soccer Academy is deeply embedded in the local community, and we thrive on the support and enthusiasm of our residents. We invite all local families, whether from Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, or beyond, to join us in celebrating and supporting the growth and achievements of our young athletes. If you’re considering enrolling your child in a soccer program that promises growth, fun, and competition, look no further.

As we continue to navigate through the Spring season, the excitement at Sefa Soccer Academy is palpable. Each game is more than just a match; it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that our players and coaches pour into soccer. We’re not just playing; we’re preparing future champions. Join us on this thrilling journey, and be part of a community that celebrates youth soccer at its best.