U14-U16: Complete Soccer  

  The final phase of preparation for our competitive youth players aims to maximize player performance in all aspects of the game. A player’s capacities are becoming fully established while training to peak for major competitions.   Training is characterized by high intensity and relatively high volume with frequent periods of rest. Introducing phases of the game, different tactics, better understanding of combinational play – these are all significant parts of training at this stage.   Physical preparation is no less important than the elements above. Youth players experience growth spurts between 13 and 15 years old and this multiplies the effectiveness of power, strength, speed, explosiveness, and stamina training.

  • Two sessions per week
  • Asl games on Saturday evenings or Sundays
  • Training locations: Burnaby
  • youth soccer academy Burnaby
  • soccer field Burnaby

For further details, kindly visit the «Tryout Now» page on our website and complete the short form on that page. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by emailing info@sefasoccer.com.